Creation of cardboard honeycomb

The Nido d’Ape thanks to the lightness and strength of the honeycomb structure, is used in the production of hollow panels for the realization of furniture, interior doors, furniture, exhibition stands, advertising panels and represents the soul of NIDOPAN®, our panel in alveolar cardboard.
The Nido d’Ape cardboard is produced with paper of different weights in relation to the dimension of the alveolus that varies from 8 to 30 mm; in case of specific needs and on request, it can be cut to size.

The paper honeycomb can be: Drilled, Closed Continuous, Expanded.



The perforated honeycomb facilitates the expulsion of the steam that is created inside the hollow panel in the hot pressing production process. The paper honeycomb is micro-perforated in all its cells during its realization. The expulsion of steam ensures greater safety in the final quality of the honeycomb panel. This further processing is not available in all cell honeycomb diameters.

The honeycomb

Closed Continuous

The continuous closed honeycomb is produced by gluing the individual pieces of honeycomb paper between them, in such a way as to create a single continuous piece. The length, calculated in linear meters, varies according to the customer’s needs. The honeycomb in continuous closed cardboard is expanded (open) through a particular system that opens and cuts the pieces to measure, according to the needs of the user. The continuous closed is mainly used by the producers of wooden and / or aluminum drum panels and by large consumers who do not have large deposits to store the already expanded honeycomb. To expand the continuous closed honeycomb and bring it to size, we can supply the expansion system.

The honeycomb


The expanded (or open) honeycomb is supplied already cut to size in both length and width, dried and packaged with heat-shrink film.