Research and Development

Research and Development

Our strengths, which have allowed Tivuplast to keep up with the times, are:

- Continuous technological innovation of the production systems, thanks to the know-how derived from expertise and daily experience, research and development for the achievement of a high standard of quality to be provided to clients. In this way our convenient manufacturing costs keep final prices contained and lead us to a competitive role in the market.;

- Positive attitudes within the company, where everyone works with dedication, in harmony with all other staff members, both managers and on-site operators, in order to achieve targets and attain success. In our company structure, “process culture” is a well-established model where managers as well as all staff in general feel they are prosonists in a number of processes aiming for client and personal fulfillment.

- Company problem solving: everyone within the production chain is not only able to use the equipment but also employ a range of methods and techniques for daily problem solving.

- Tivuplast is also a “big family”, where staff motivation is an important objective, so that everyone feels part of a whole, and where product development arises from a single idea and leads to its manufacturing and introduction into the market.