October 5th, 2017
Nidoboard Web Site Restyling

Online the new Nidoboard Web Site www.nidoboard.com

July 1st, 2017
Ti-Vu Plast srl has celebrated 50 years of activity.

Ti-Vu Plast srl thank everyone who participated to make this event unique.

May 7th to June 5th 2016
X Biennale d'Arte del Bambino

New educational research and experimentation in artistic creativity
Presented by children of kindergartens, nursery and primary schools of the Venetian, Lombardy, Campania and Calabria Regions.

Planning and direction: Teacher-painter Liana Bottiglieri Calzavara
The Disney Author: Giorgio Cavazzano
Exhibition curator: Francesco Teso
Set up: Antonio Nardin and Domenico Liuzzi

Among the sponsors: Nidoboard by Tivuplast.

15 to 17 October 2015
Viscom 2015 - Milano

Visit us at: Stand (booth) L07 - PAD (Hall) 8

To download your free entry click the link below
In the form write a code: 6789980021 - The Pre-registration closes October 9, 2015

20 to 23 May 2014
XIV FESPA Digital - Munich

We are present in Germany to "FESPA Digital 2014-14 nd Edition"
"DIVE DEEPER INTO DIGITAL PRINT" in Monaco fairs (Messe München)
Visit us at: Booth (Booth) 110 - PAD (Hall) A2

To download your free entry click the link below

10 maggio - 1 giugno 2014
IX Biennale d'Arte del Bambino

Nuovi percorsi didattici di ricerca e sperimentazione nella creatività artistica -
Espongono bambini degli asili nido, delle Scuole, degli Asili Nido, delle Scuole dell'infanzia e Primarie della Regione Veneto, della Lombardia e della Campania - Partecipa l'Autore Disneyano: Giorgio Cavazzano - Progetto e direzione: dell'Insegnante-Pittrice Liana Bottiglieri Calzavara - Curatore della mostra: Francesco Teso - Allestimento: Antonio Nardin e Domenico Liuzzi -

Tra gli SPONSOR: Nidoboard by Tivuplast.

January 2014
Fire Retardant

All panels can be made, on request, with material accompanied by Certification "Fire retardant"

January 2014
Honeycomb core black

Besides the traditional havana colour, the honeycomb core is available even in the new version of white and Black colour, which makes it visually unique

3-5 October 2013
Viscom Visual Communication

Nidoboard is present at 25th Edition of Viscom Visual Communication Italia 2013. Again this year we present another great news destined to add a new sense to the use of Nidoboard in architecture and to visual communication.
Fieramilano - "Rho" district - Stand G04 - Pavilion 9

May 2013
Workshop “OUT OF THE BOX – Beyond packaging” ISIA Florence

Nidoboard is present as the official supplier at the Workshop “IN THE BOX –Packaging & Design” - ”Florence Design Week” At the Florence ISIA Workshop, all participants will be able to use, for their own projects, NidoBoard panels: an innovative honeycomb material supplied by Ti-Vu Plast of Treviso. ISIA Florence, High School for the Art Industries – Via Alfani 58 – 50121 Florence.

15 April 2013
AVANSCENA - Scenography and Theatre costume Festival

The press conference will present the goals and programme of the innovative cultural event taking place from 19 April to 12 May 2013 and including study days, conferences and a series of exhibitions located between Treviso and Casier. Avanscena will engage lecturers such as experts, high grade academy and university teachers, directors, set designers, costume designers and light designers who have established themselves in the past few decades on the national scene, and who, in many cases, have a special connection with the Venetian territory: from the Fine Arts Academy of Venice to La Fenice Theatre.

24 May 2013
Salesian Institute “San Marco

Tivuplast s.r.l. supports “FIRMAGROUP” in the development, at the San Marco Salesian Institute, of workshops dedicated to the creation of Design objects which entail the use of Nidoboard.

24 / 27 April 2013
IN THE BOX Packaging & Design

Discover, at the Loft of “Padiglione Spadolini” in the “CASA DOLCE” Area, the “ARREDI IN ABITO NERO” (black interior designs) realised to set up prestigious areas and contemporary events such as exhibition stands and retail stores.