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Tivuplast has been producing honeycomb cardboard since 1967, when it was founded by Knight Danilo Vanzo, who is now supported by his sons Robert and Simone. We are a cutting-edge company specialised in the production of a wide range of sustainable honeycomb cardboard products and always up-to-date with market demands. In this way throughout the years our company has been crafting specific products for a variety of sectors: furniture, wrapping, packaging, digital print, logistics and transport.
Our expertise and knowledge of the employed materials, together with our constant research, development and technological innovation of the production systems, form the know-how for high quality products supplied by Tivuplast to all clients.
Tivuplast manages the production and material storage on a 6000 sq m. indoor area, with a 25000 sq m. total surface. From here products are delivered by our own vehicles, supported when necessary by external transport agencies.

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